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The Benefits of Growth Services.

Every company wants to grow. But many do not know how to drive growth, especially in an industry – and a world -- that's undergoing rapid technological and market changes. That's why leading growth agencies like Inbound 281 are offering Growth Services to manufacturers.

Table of Contents:

But given the fact that growth is a necessity, why haven't more companies adopted techniques to ensure it? Why isn't everyone shifting to a more customer-focused approach?


Key Takeaways:
  • Many manufacturers are slow to adopt new customer-facing approaches because they don't see the real value of making the change.
  • To overcome resistance to change, it's important to understand the benefits of Growth Services.
  • Growth Services can help manufacturers utilize technology and strategy to align their customer-facing processes, drive more leads, find new opportunities, establish themselves as thought leaders, delight customers, and boost customer loyalty and engagement.


Why Haven't All Manufacturers Adopted Digital Growth Agency Services?

The easy answer is that people don't really like change, but that doesn't capture the reality of the situation. The fact is that it's hard to change organizational processes. Unless leadership recognizes the benefits of change, there's little chance of it ever being implemented.

This is especially true in industries where the pace of evolution has historically been steady or even gradual – where doing the same marketing and advertising activities have worked well for decades. Trying out new processes takes time, money, and effort; a widespread implementation can be very costly and quite labor-intensive. Often, the only way to spur real growth is to understand that the results of this new endeavor outweigh the expense and effort involved. In other words, we need to appreciate the benefits before we start rolling out anything new.


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With that being said, what benefits can manufacturers expect from implementing Growth Services?


Benefits of Digital Growth Agency Services

Manufacturing companies who adapt their sales, marketing, and customers service processes to today's customer expectations can:

  • Align their entire marketing, sales, and service processes to their audience's current buying habits.
  • Drive engagement and growth via digital tools.
  • Automate lead insights to build context for conversations and sales opportunities.
  • Establish industry thought leadership rather than just narrow product expertise.
  • Open new market opportunities by attracting ideal buyers via relevant, useful content.
  • Create a lead generation machine that keeps the sales pipeline full and enhances company valuation.
  • Deliver measurable insight into top-line growth and bottom-line results

All of this can be summed up in a simple sentence: Growth Services uses technology to help you put the customer front and center of all your processes. Doing this not only helps you become more efficient, it makes you more appealing to customers. Remember, business customers are looking for a more personalized, B2C-like experience. And, regardless of whether a person is buying for a business or for themselves, they're looking for a personalized touch.

There's a financial benefit to using Growth Services, too: because much of it relies on inbound marketing (and especially on digital content marketing), it can be a lot more cost-effective than traditional advertising techniques. And because Growth Services emphasizes alignment among customer-facing teams, this can also help your entire organization to be more open and agile.

Up Next: The Three Pillars of Growth Services for Manufacturers

Growth Services rests on three pillars: customer service, marketing, and sales. In the next post, we'll explain how the inbound marketing methodology works across these areas, and then we'll explore each facet in detail. See you there!

Girl on Cell Phone Talking to and Advisor About Growth Services