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It's time for a mindset revolution. Your business strategy isn't merely an expense, it's an investment into long-term growth.

What does that mean for you? No hidden fees, no surprises. With our transparent pricing structure, you can rest assured that you'll get what you pay for and even more. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to provide a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your goals and budget.




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Don't Be In The Dark About Your Investment

Our Approach Ensures No Surprises. Just Results.


  • Inbound 281 uses a transparent proprietary point pricing model that assigns a fixed number of points (hours) to each project and/or task we deliver.
  • Fixed points are a customer value model that allows customers to get the full value of every dollar they spend with Inbound 281 at a fixed cost, regardless of how much time it takes us to create and complete a task.
  • Assigning points to projects allows customers to use points at a speed that works with their needs or use a fixed number of points monthly to maintain a fixed budget and deliverables based on the agreed scope.

Choosing the right growth agency should be a journey filled with clarity and confidence. At Inbound 281, we prioritize transparency. We recognize that understanding processes, expecting top-tier work quality and envisioning outcomes are crucial milestones in a partnership. Our pricing models serve as a valuable foundation to help you grasp the potential impact of your investment in attaining the outcomes you desire.


Entry level service package designed to get you executing projects.


per month

20 points/month

All growth services: marketing, sales and services


More power to support overall marketing strategy & projects.


per month

30 points/month

All growth services: marketing, sales and services

Campaign management
Most Popular


Drive growth with solution driven marketing consulting to achieve goals.


per month

40 points/month

All growth services: marketing, sales and services

Campaign management

Game Plan & Scorecards


Businesses needing full marketing support aggressive campaign results.


per month

80 points/month

All growth services: marketing, sales and services

Campaign management

Game Plan & Scorecards
Weekly performance reports
Transparency Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

From SMBs to Enterprise Businesses, our inbound marketing packages are designed to accommodate the needs and goals of different-sized organizations. Our clients find that a fixed number of points monthly works best to keep the momentum and execution of projects to achieve goals and support campaign results.

A Partner You Can Trust


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Exploring Opportunities Together


Take the next step to expand your business by scheduling a meeting with us. We are eager to learn more about you, your concerns, and the various options available to help you achieve your goals.