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Hiring a marketing agency can make your current efforts more effective, create new capabilities, and produce valuable expertise and input.

As a professional marketer, you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in developing your skills. Maybe you even lead an in-house marketing team. So why would you consider hiring a marketing agency?

In this article, we’ll look at when it’s time to hire an outside marketing agency and the benefits this can bring.

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How to Choose an Inbound Marketing Agency


When Should You Hire a Marketing Agency?

Given all that goes into successful marketing – from big-picture things like research, analysis, and strategy to fine-grain things like crafting microsegment content – it’s unrealistic to expect one person to manage it all. Even a team of professionals can find themselves without the necessary time or expertise. So, if any of the following situations sound familiar, it may be time to consider hiring an outside marketing agency.

  • There’s a Skills Gap. Inbound. Outbound. Online advertising. Content marketing. Social media marketing. Branding. Growth marketing. Personalization. Segmentation. Market research. Audience research. And so on. The list of skills needed to market any size of business is immense. As we just mentioned, it’s unrealistic to expect a small team to be proficient at every single aspect of marketing. If you need to expand to a new type of marketing and you don’t have the skillset in-house, it’s time to consider teaming up with an agency.
  • You’re Too Busy, No Time. Many marketers are overwhelmed and have taxed all of their resources. Simply have no time. Marketing departments are trimmed down and resources are hard to come by. Learning and implementing needed marketing technologies and tactics are not possible. If you find yourself consistently short-changing some areas to concentrate on immediate needs, you may be hurting yourself in the long run.
  • Leads and Customers Aren’t Coming In. If your plans haven’t been getting the results you want, it can be hard to figure out why – in most cases, due to being too busy or not having the needed experience in some area. An outside agency can help you figure things out.
  • You’re Fresh Out of Ideas. Maybe you’ve been working with the same product for some time now and you’re losing creative steam. Or maybe there are new possibilities you’d like to explore. Another perspective can be the creative jolt you need to get out of the rut.

4 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency can seem like a hard-to-justify expense. But check out what you gain: 

  • You Get Specialist Expertise. If you’re lacking any of the above-mentioned marketing skills, hiring an agency is a fast and convenient way to plug that gap. And because the agency is already an expert, they can get up to speed much quicker than a new hire.
  • You Can Free Up Time. No more skimping on areas that you just can’t fit into your schedule. This will help your overall productivity and efficiency, too.
  • They’ll Help You Understand What’s Not Working – And Why. An outside agency can audit your efforts in ways that would be difficult for someone inside the team. And because agencies have worked with many clients, they have a great perspective on the what, why, and how of a successful campaign.
  • They Can Generate New Ideas. Hiring a marketing agency gives you access to a different (often broader) viewpoint and a lot of new ideas.

When you hire an outside marketing agency, you’re not outsourcing all your marketing efforts – you’re making your current efforts more effective, adding new capabilities, and getting valuable expertise and input. Keep in mind that you can hire an agency for one area, like branding or marketing analytics and research. You’re essentially using the marketing agency to meet a need, just as you would with any other business process.


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How to Choose an Inbound Marketing Agency