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Marketing team

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Metro Detroit’s home for creative, insightful inbound marketing

We have all the marketing expertise you need, all under one roof. Whether you're looking for an expert in strategy development, creative design, copywriting, or programming, we've picked the top marketing minds to give your organization the support and competitive edge you need to excel in your industry.

Mark 03-01-2018

Mark Parent

President & CEO

Mark is a visionary strategist and marketing consultant with in-depth experience in all aspects of marketing and sales integration. His comprehensive business assessments and hand-crafted strategies have helped our clients to succeed again and again.

TAGS: Strategist; Inbound Marketing Consultant; Business Planner; Inbound UI & UX Strategist; HubSpot Certified.


Susan Parent

Chief Financial Officer

Sue is an adaptive leader with extensive experience in finance, team management, and customer service. Her ability to harness data and analytics helps the team to consistently optimize business operations and strategy.

TAGS: Accounting; Human Resources; Events Coordinator

Duane 03-01-2018

Duane Kowalski

Chief Technology Officer

Duane is a skilled technologist known for precision of detail, problem solving and team management. Our clients appreciate his unparalleled dedication to fulfilling their needs, from the larger picture to all the smaller details.

TAGS: Website Developer; Technologist; UX Developer; UI Developer; HubSpot Certified

Jim 03-01-2018

Jim Russell

Creative Director

Jim is a refined craftsman with a seasoned eye for design and copy. His detailed understanding and execution of our customers' unique brand development needs makes him an invaluable member of the team.

TAGS: Creative Design; Branding; Agency Collateral; Website Design


Amanda Tumey

Inbound Marketing Coordinator & Project Manager

Amanda has it covered. Our clients know that they can rely on her for anything they need related to inbound marketing from Facebook ads to SEO, while internally, she makes sure all work runs smoothly. We suspect she might actually be two people.

TAGS: Inbound Marketing; Project Management; Customer Account Support; Event Coordination; HubSpot Certified


Colin Carlu Olexa

Content Marketing Manager

Colin is our resident content wizard. He can write anything — and we're not just saying that because he wrote these bios. From email, to blogs, to website copy, and more, he crafts captivating messages that also perfectly emulate the client's brand voice.

TAGS: Content Creation; Content Strategy & Management; Email Marketing; HubSpot Certified

Matt 03-01-2018

Matt Wagner

Website Developer

Matt is a tenacious problem solver with expertise in custom CMS websites and database integration. He can program anything. As a team, we've yet to find something that he can't program. Trust us, we've tried.

TAGS: Website Developer; Frontend Development; Technologist; UX Developer; UI Developer; HubSpot Certified

Hyndavi 03-01-2018

Hyndavi Mandava

Website Developer

Hyndavi builds from the ground up. As our all-star backend developer, she creates whatever type of application a client needs, and she never shies away from a challenge. She does shy away from cats, though. Cats are scary.

TAGS: Website Developer; Backend Development; Technologist; UX Developer; UI Developer; HubSpot Certified

Corey 03-01-2018

Corey S.

Senior Graphic Designer

Corey is an out-of-the-box thinker. When it comes to art and branding, you can rest assured he'll always deliver something fresh, engaging, and honestly just fun. In the office, you can usually catch him drinking a Rockstar energy drink — scientists discover one day that his blood is actually 100 percent Rockstar.

TAGS: Graphic Design; Web Design; UX & UI Design; Branding; HubSpot Certified

Chris 03-01-2018

Chris Sanger

Business Development Coordinator

Chris gets results. As a team, we rely on his skills to discover potential clients in order to help expand the agency. He knows exactly how to find prospects, carefully analyze them, and then engage them — just like he does on Tinder after hours.

TAGS: Business Development; Business Strategy; Sales Research; Social Media; Business Communication; HubSpot Certified


Vinay Pallegar

Website Developer

Vinay thinks four steps ahead. He's an all-star web developer specializing in custom CMS websites and e-commerce development. He's also a master of the frontend and backend web-based apps and database integration.

TAGS: Website Development; Backend Development; iOS & Android Apps; iOS UX; UI Development


Paul Parent

Web Developer

Paul is the definition of a creator. He channels determination, imagination, and passion in order to meet client goals, while adapting his approach based on specific project needs. He does not, however, own that hat in real life.

TAGS: Web Development; Website Design; Video Editing

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